Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lesson Learnt - Overhauling The Blog

The mistake I made of republishing content without permission has taught me the required lesson. I understand it may be taken as a result of backlash as well as a genuine learning. I accept both and am looking forward to making sure that I do not hurt anyone, and in the process myself, by doing the same again - irrespective of whether the content is republishable or not. This is a genuine effort.

The first step in the direction: I've kept very few posts live on this blog from whatever was published till now. I'm sure I've written them myselves. This does not mean everything that is no more live was all republished content. There was never an intention of getting a benefit out of this blog over someone. The objective here is to ensure I'm not on the wrong side of anything or anyone. It is very important to understand that I neither run this blog to earn money (there are hardly any regulars to my blog) nor am I a professional writer/blogger. It has nothing to do with my profession as it is not being utilized in any professional way.

This blog is a very personal space for me to give myself a change from my routine. In the pocess, when I read things on the Internet and related with few, I made the error of posting them on my blog without permission. I now intend to post only stuff that I write myself. It may not be too often or may not be at all, but I do not wish to hurt or offend anyone again and myself too!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Apology To IdeaSmith

Hello IdeaSmith and Everybody,

I've read your comments about my post that I referred from Ideasmith's blog and republished here. I understand that the act was an error of judgement and this post is an apology for the same. Please note that this is a genuine apology as I'm neither a regular blogger nor a professional writer/blogger. I run my blog only for my personal exposure and there is or was no intention of getting any kind of 'benefit' out of it. I read things on the Internet and something that interests me and given I've time on hand, I publish that on my blog with a reference link. However, I understand there are people who are being paid for writing and I understand that such content need exclusivity as well as permission to be published/re-published. I'll ensure I am not on the wrong side of writing/publishing content henceforth.

~ Jignesh

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Going Online? Get Your Basics Right!

We are in 2011 and it is next to impossible for individuals as well as businesses to NOT be online. And a ‘layman’ does not always know what the basics of going online are. This post is dedicated to those who are ‘thinking’ to go online but do not have a definite source to start with. Here are the primary requirements of going online:

  1. Domain Name: You need a domain name to go online. Do you want yourself to be recognized as an individual (your name: first or first & last) or as a brand (business name or a funky, trendy name)? Domain names are extremely important as you’ll be known on the Internet through them. You need to put quality effort in getting yourself a domain name that represents you on the web.

  2. Web Hosting: Once you finalize your domain name, you’ll need space to ‘host’ your details on the Internet. Web hosting is the second major important step in the direction of going online. You need a reliable, secure and yet easy-to-use web hosting platform to help you develop, maintain and grow your website/online presence. You also get email accounts with your hosting account.

  3. Build a Website: Once the above two basics are in place, the third most important thing to work on is your website. You need to develop a website that represents you in the true sense on the Internet. It should communicate your personality type (if you are an individual) / business theme (if you are a business) to the readers.
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Once these three factors are in place, you are ready to make your presence felt on the web. But remember the rule: “just because you’ve built it, they (customers/readers) will not come”! You need to promote your website through all possible mediums (your business cards, letter heads, blog, print media, online, tv, etc) that can help you attract targeted audience to your website. Get in touch with a good Internet Marketing Company to help you achieve your online business goals.

All the best with your online venture!

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Friday, September 03, 2010

Free Recharge: A Good Concept

Yesterday, I came across an article on about The concept and business idea sounded cool and attractive, to say the least.

Last night I tried recharging through the website. It was super fast! Have ordered coupons for Barista and McD . Looking forward to receiving them in a couple of days. Few personal thoughts about the amazing idea that has kept me interested to keep an eye on their business process, growth, etc.

- Excellent Speed of Recharge
- Covers almost all service providers
- Covers recharge up to 1000 bucks, which is a decent amount for pre-paid users
- Easy, Simple process - no technical stuff
- Clear and Precise Communication, not much of over - selling

- Options of coupons: currently, only two available (Barista and McD)- This being THE USP of the business, "more is always merrier" :) - however it is also understandable that they take their time to add new businesses; a new concept is going to take time
- Not sure if one can NOT register and still use the service?
- Marketing: The platform needs a visibility BOOST on the web - 500million prepaid users is a BIG market to cover
- Why not introduce the model 'offline' right away? Is the business prospect not better, at this stage, offline?

These are just few personal thoughts based on my one-time recharge and the short experience. I'm open to experiences of others, if any, on this website. Any different thoughts? Better ideas?

Keep recharging guys ! Though there is nothing free in this world, concepts like these do not hurt anyone and are win win for everyone involved - especially the end customer. Good Luck

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