Friday, September 03, 2010

Free Recharge: A Good Concept

Yesterday, I came across an article on about The concept and business idea sounded cool and attractive, to say the least.

Last night I tried recharging through the website. It was super fast! Have ordered coupons for Barista and McD . Looking forward to receiving them in a couple of days. Few personal thoughts about the amazing idea that has kept me interested to keep an eye on their business process, growth, etc.

- Excellent Speed of Recharge
- Covers almost all service providers
- Covers recharge up to 1000 bucks, which is a decent amount for pre-paid users
- Easy, Simple process - no technical stuff
- Clear and Precise Communication, not much of over - selling

- Options of coupons: currently, only two available (Barista and McD)- This being THE USP of the business, "more is always merrier" :) - however it is also understandable that they take their time to add new businesses; a new concept is going to take time
- Not sure if one can NOT register and still use the service?
- Marketing: The platform needs a visibility BOOST on the web - 500million prepaid users is a BIG market to cover
- Why not introduce the model 'offline' right away? Is the business prospect not better, at this stage, offline?

These are just few personal thoughts based on my one-time recharge and the short experience. I'm open to experiences of others, if any, on this website. Any different thoughts? Better ideas?

Keep recharging guys ! Though there is nothing free in this world, concepts like these do not hurt anyone and are win win for everyone involved - especially the end customer. Good Luck

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