Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Apology To IdeaSmith

Hello IdeaSmith and Everybody,

I've read your comments about my post that I referred from Ideasmith's blog and republished here. I understand that the act was an error of judgement and this post is an apology for the same. Please note that this is a genuine apology as I'm neither a regular blogger nor a professional writer/blogger. I run my blog only for my personal exposure and there is or was no intention of getting any kind of 'benefit' out of it. I read things on the Internet and something that interests me and given I've time on hand, I publish that on my blog with a reference link. However, I understand there are people who are being paid for writing and I understand that such content need exclusivity as well as permission to be published/re-published. I'll ensure I am not on the wrong side of writing/publishing content henceforth.

~ Jignesh


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