Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lesson Learnt - Overhauling The Blog

The mistake I made of republishing content without permission has taught me the required lesson. I understand it may be taken as a result of backlash as well as a genuine learning. I accept both and am looking forward to making sure that I do not hurt anyone, and in the process myself, by doing the same again - irrespective of whether the content is republishable or not. This is a genuine effort.

The first step in the direction: I've kept very few posts live on this blog from whatever was published till now. I'm sure I've written them myselves. This does not mean everything that is no more live was all republished content. There was never an intention of getting a benefit out of this blog over someone. The objective here is to ensure I'm not on the wrong side of anything or anyone. It is very important to understand that I neither run this blog to earn money (there are hardly any regulars to my blog) nor am I a professional writer/blogger. It has nothing to do with my profession as it is not being utilized in any professional way.

This blog is a very personal space for me to give myself a change from my routine. In the pocess, when I read things on the Internet and related with few, I made the error of posting them on my blog without permission. I now intend to post only stuff that I write myself. It may not be too often or may not be at all, but I do not wish to hurt or offend anyone again and myself too!



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